Friday, August 20, 2010

La, la, la

Well, I haven't been so good this week.

  • Ever heard of road rage? Well, I have it. I yelled and honked and screamed at this lady the other day only to realize that we were stopped because there was an ambulance coming about 4 blocks down with the lights on. We couldn't have gone because it would have been too hard to pull over when they got to us. We just needed to block traffic coming off of the interstate for a solid 5 minutes instead. I (might) have called her a name...or two.
  • I got rid of the cat. I was trying really hard to love her and let her get to know us but when I stuck my hand in her poop, she had worn her welcome out. I gave it a solid 2 weeks but ya gotta go if you can't go in your litter box!
  • I'm trying to like my job. I'm trying to do better at my job. I've never felt so much pressure before in my life though and I think I'm smothering.
  • I'm worried about my Dad. A mini stroke last week and arteriogram (can't spell) this week just really worries me. I love him and I need him. Who else is going to tell me what they really think?
  • My cousin has someone willing to take the discussions and she's not trying to set me up with him (WHATEVER!) but can I come to church (3 hours south from Nashville) to meet him? You bet because I'm single and when you're single in the church, everyone could be your next lover future husband. He's obviously not at institute every week (2 attendees) and doesn't seem to be at the singles ward. Maybe he is in Podunk Jasper, Alabama.
  • I start my new schedule next week. 4:30 am is going to come early. I think I need to buy stock in toothpicks.
  • It's 11:30, I have to work in the AM and I'm feeling like I need to be up all night. Yayyy! I'm so glad I don't have kids sometimes because if I did, I'd be screwed with the sleeping schedules.


Joy Taylor said...

I have bad road rage too. I'm so glad I don't drive a sports car or I'd be in trouble.

I've got two cats I want to get rid of if you want them! lol!

Mamarazzi said...

we had 2 really pretty awesome cats that recently became outdoor kitties. it was time.