Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

So I wasn't really expecting a lot to happen today and for the most part it didn't which is great for me! It was a pretty low-key day spent with friends and family.

My good friend, Shantell hosted all of the singles for dinner today and there about 8 of us there so we ate, said what we are thankful for and of course, as is customary in Nashville, played music afterward. I wish I played an instrument but I can't carry a tune and I can't play one either so I'm an awesome part of the audience. I didn't take any video or anything but here are some friends singing some of my favorite songs that they've written.

Enjoy!   <---HIGHLY recommend "The Clock" and "What Matters the Most"

Thursday, November 4, 2010

{one} do you still use a checkbook?

No, I haven't used a register in about 2 years and haven't had a check book in about 4 months now.

{two} what size shoe do you wear?

7 or 7 1/2

{three} scary movies or happy endings?

I'm a hopeless romantic and only watch chick flicks so I'd say happy endings.

{four} do you prefer spontaneity or stability?

I married a man 10 hours after I met him. What do you think? Stability and knowing a change is coming scares me. If I can do it spur of the moment, I'm good.

{five} what is the most embarrassing cd that you own?

Rod Stewart

{six} do you watch reality tv?

Yes. I love Little People, Big World (I'm the world's tallest midget, btw)

{seven} what is your favorite home-made meal?

Oh my. Why do you torture me so?! My sister's lasagna, her oven fried chicken, her potato soup (she's a great cook!) and my mom's country fried steaks. Ahh, heaven.

{eight} do you have any allergies?

I have a severe allergy to idiots.

{nine} if you could open your own restaurant/store, what would it be?

I would LOOOVE to own a doggy boutique! Cute clothes, leashes, harnesses, homemade treats, salon, adoption center. I love my baby and want all other babies to be pampered too.

{ten} would you ever go skydiving (or have you been)?

Yes, please!! Strap a beatiful man to my back to pull the cord and I'm there!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Well, HOOO are YOU?!

1. What is the most physically painful thing that has ever happened to you?
     Well, I've been very fortunate in that I haven't had too many things happen. I'd have to say when I had surgery for endometreosis. I thought I was going to die for a few weeks. It probably wasn't that bad in retrospect but I'm one of the biggest crybabies on the planet.

2. What would you name your next child or if you don't have any your first child?
     I don't have kids but I want to name a little girl Ella Yvonne (Yvonne after my grandmother) and a little boy Rylen Kaid. And since I'm the one that is going to be baking these babies for 9 months, it should be my decision, right? I thought so.

3. If you could add one feature to your car, what would you choose?
    HYBRID!!! Oh. My. Gosh. I am SO sick of putting gas in this car. Do NOT buy a Ford Escape unless it's a hybrid and even then, get something different. I don't pass up a gas station without putting gas in. It's crazy ridiculous.
4. If you named your house (or car or computer) what would you name it?
    Cracker Jack. It's 500 sq ft. and max capacity is 3 including the dust bunnies in the corner.
5. What is your dream occupation?
     My dream occupation is to be a SAHM just like every good Mormon girl was raised to be. Let's say I never marry again and never have the opportunity to have kids, I'd like to own a Doggy Boutique and offer full grooming services along with homemade treats and the normal doggy gear. I'd have General's face incorporated into the title and sign somehow and take him to work with me. He's going to live forever you know. Heavenly Father promised.


Happy days are here again!

Believe it or not, throughout all of my complaining, I'm really a happy person! Let me prove it...

  • My dog makes me happy. I love him. He is the best cuddler in the world and loves for me to love on him and play rough with him. He doesn't listen very well, but he's perfect for me because *I* don't listen very well, either.

  • I'm happy I have a job. I may struggle with it but I'm glad I have somewhere to go every day, and that the paycheck doesn't bounce! In this economy, how can you not be happy about that?!

  • I'm happy to announce that I've finally figured out what to do with my life! I'm going to BYU to get a degree in Family History/Geneology! I'm 28 years old and I've finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up. Miracles happen.

  • Last but not least, I'm happy that I have friends. I love them and I am so grateful for them. I don't know how I would get through some days without my good friends.I hope they feel the same. :)