Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A is for Admire

and I admire my Mom. I admire her for all of the trials she has gone through in her life and she is still going strong and never seems to give up. My mom is so generous, and I only hope that I got a little of that trait from her. She is strong, courageous, open and honest. She is beautiful to me and I hope that as I get older, I become more and more like her...I just don't want to stick my tongue out when I'm concentrating hard like her.
I'm thankful to my mom for showing me what hard work does for you and how it pays off in the end. If it weren't for her showing me, I can't say that I would be where I am. Some people may look at that and think, "You're divorced and you have no education to really speak of. You work at a call center and you live alone in a one bedroom apartment. Woo."
  • I look at it though and yes, I'm divorced. I'm divorced because I'm better than that. I deserve to be treated with a lot more respect and honor than I was being given. I deserve to be treated like a Queen and I won't settle for less next time. My mom did the same thing about 25 years ago. We're better for it.
  • Yes, I need to go back to school and I will. I want to and I am going to. My mom did and graduated at 50 and I couldn't be more proud. She is awesome and I love her for it. It took a lifetime it seemed to everyone because all she did was study. I hated calling her and ask her what are you doing? Studying...every day, all day. But she did it, and that's what matters. I will too.
  • I do live alone and you know what? It's better than having a husband who doesn't appreciate anything you do. It's also better than having roommates who suck.
  • I also work at a call center. You want to know a secret? This call center kicks my butt! I've never used my brain more than I do when I'm at work. I have to be "on" for 8 hours a day and never faulter in the things I say. You try it.
My mom is just great. She has taught me how to be a loving, kind person who truly wants to do what is right. She taught me how to live my testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she taught me to always have faith no matter what is going on in my life. I love her.

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