Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What a day!

So it started off nice and normal and then got kinda crazy a little later around 4 pm. Abby and I were at Kroger and the kid never screams like she did in that store. Poor baby was hungry and my keys were NOT making that better at all. People were going sooooo slow and we finally get out of there and get to the car and I can see Jen's apartment complex almost so I thought we'd at least make it home before I had to feed her. We were expecting the missionaries any minute for Elder Jolley's last night (so sad) and Abby and I had half the stuff for it. So, I get her in her seat and she's screaming, I go to crank the car and it only clicks. Are you kidding me?! So, I tried it again and my lights are on and my radio is on and all seems well but it only clicks again. Crap. So I call Jen and Mikal is in North Nashville so I'm stuck. I called my roommate who comes to rescue us and I fed Abby while we waited. A little background is that I have been having issues with the car wanting to start sometimes and Mikal has been on me about going and having it checked. Well, I never did. So to make an even longer story short, it's my battery. Let's hope my warranty covers it because that's the last thing I want to have to buy. It could be worse and I get that, but I've only had the car 7 months (6 months driving time) and the battery shouldn't be dead yet.

So the missionaries get there and we had a great dinner and took some pics. I knew I was sad and that I had gotten really attached to Elder Jolley but I didn't think I'd cry. So I cried after they left. In my defense though, he was getting pretty red faced. I had to bake a cake and take some to them. I put it on the doorstep and texted them to let them know to check outside. It was cool. It's been awesome getting to know him and I wish him the very best on the rest of his mission. He has already grown so much and is such an awesome guy. There are great things in store for him!

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