Friday, April 24, 2009

It's hot.

I hate summer. I don't like being hot and I don't like thinking about being hot. I hate the though of sweating. I like the water but don't like to have to get back into my clothes afterward.

There. That is my pessimistic rant for the day.

On a good note, I have word from my lawyer that July 4 will be the day. Yes, I will be divorced by then. I'm sooooo freaking excited! It's about time something good happened for my birthday! So, we will be celebrating that weekend. In all honesty though, it will be bittersweet. Yes, my marriage ended but I don't see it as a failure because I learned SO much from him. Both good and bad things were learned and I am rising above all of the bad things. :) A part of me will always love him but not in a romantic kind of way. I will always love the kids and want them to succeed and do great things that they are so very capable of.

All I am doing right now is looking forward to the future! It holds great things for me and I've hit the ground running!