Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 1 @ the gym and...

IT KICKED MY BUTT!!! Holy crap I didn't remember how difficult it is to get into shape. My goals are simple. I want cute clothes and to look cute in them. I can buy them no problem but buttoning and zipping are a different story so that's my goal is to get into them and not be muffin-topping it.

I'm not going to "diet." I'm done eating out every day. It's expensive and unhealthy. I'm done buying anything other than water to drink unless I go do go out so because that's not going to be often, then I'm not drinking soda often. I will, however continue to buy juice once a week because I'm addicted and the soda isn't really a habit to break actually now that I think about it. I will make better choices when I cook such as healthier pasta that I love so much and little cream sauces. My biggest issue? Potatoes. Oh how I love thee. So, the salad in my fridge is my new best friend and the water that I've got stored up is the best thing ever! Right? RIGHT!

I expect hold myself accountable and I expect to be held accountable by others. I CAN do this!

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