Saturday, July 18, 2009

Nauvoo....sweet, sweet Nauvoo.

absolutely loved my vacation to Nauvoo. It is exactly what I needed and it came at the right time. I missed Abby and General like crazy but it was great. I accidentally left my phone in Tennessee so I had no phone service the entire time we were there unless I used someone else's which I really only did on my birthday (I turned old...27). It's crazy to me how we used to survive and never had cell phones but it was a blessing because I would have been preoccupied the entire time if I'd had it. We saw so many different sites and I learned so much that I never would have learned if I hadn't had the opportunity to go.

I encourage everyone to make a trip to Nauvoo. If you need a testimony builder, that's where it's at. My testimony was strong but now it is rock solid and stronger than ever. I absolutely cannot wait to receive my endowments in the Nauvoo Temple! We will be going this fall and I'm super excited for it because that is "my" temple!

Joseph Smith's home

The Nauvoo Temple @ sunrise

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