Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I love her!

Tonight is the first of many sleepovers between Ms Abigail Caitlyn and Aunt Jackie. She may not be as thrilled as I am but she is definitely not as upset as she could be. I know that I say it all of the time but I LOVE HER!!

I just wish I could explain how much she has saved me and changed my life for the better. She saved me from myself and made me realize that I deserve good things and that I will do anything to make her proud. I never want her to be embarrassed that she has me for an aunt. I only want her to know that I love her and I want to teach her things and have those girly moments with her.

I tell Jen all of the time that if they move, they have to make sure I can transfer there with my job. I'm very serious about that because I can't stand to be away from her. I hope that at some point in everyone's life you can feel so content and happy as I do at this moment.

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Jen & Mike said...

I'm so thankful that she has so many people who love her soooooooo much!

And as hard as it was, I'm thankful for the break I got while you had her!