Tuesday, October 14, 2008


is good. Things are definitely looking up from where they were a month or so ago.

I started with T-Mobile where I will work while getting my degree. The money is decent for not having a degree and it seems that the perks are pretty good too. A cheap phone bill is definitely the biggest one of them all...aside from being paid, of course.

Abby is wonderful and I see her as much as I can. I need to start getting up earlier and going over in the morning instead of at night and maybe her Mommy and Daddy will get some sleep then. I would love to make a job out of being with her all day. If anyone can figure it out, let me know and I will be more than happy to listen. ;)

I should be getting my car back soon. I'm loving my rental but it is starting to feel like it really is mine and I'm thinking that shouldn't happen. It gets great gas mileage, especially compared to the Escape but I love my car too. I just hope when I get it back that it doesn't drive completely off. Besides, I didn't have it long enough to really notice a difference unless it is just awful.

So that's all of the positives in a nutshell. My one negative is huge and I started to not say anything because my heart breaks when I think about it, but my friend Sid is moving back to New Jersey. I'm so sad for me but I'm so happy for her because I truly think this will be one of the best things she has done. Sid is a special person who deserves and wants so much more than she is getting in TN. Besides, I like to travel and Jersey might become my new favorite place. And that's all I can say about that because now I'm about to cry. I'm going to miss you Sid. You have become my best friend in Nashville and I thank you for the friendship and good times. You will be awesome in Jersey!

And General is good too. Sid let him eat a chicken off her butt. How much better does it get?!

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