Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I fell off the bandwagon...

the blogging bandwagon. I was doing well and then we started making a trip to Alabama every week it seems and I lost time to do anything. May has been busy. We went to AL the first Sunday for decoration with our Dad's family which went well. The GPS tried to get me lost several times while there, but it was a great trip and I love to see family that we don't often get to see which always happens when you have a huge family. We've made a few other trips as well and it's been good because it's allowed me to see some friends that I don't normally get to visit with.

This past Saturday, we ventured down to Alabama again to see one of our favorite missionaries, Matt. Jen and I have both seen him a few times since his mission when we were in Utah but neither of us have seen him in about 9 years so it was pretty awesome that he was coming down. We've both always felt like we were kind of stalking him so when he sent us a message and asked us if we could come down, I have to admit, I was pretty shocked. We knew we felt pretty strongly for him but never knew it was reciprocated. We thoroughly enjoyed this trip though. We stayed with Marcie and her family which was great because we haven't spent time with her in years either. I can NOT believe how big her kids are; especially Marnae!

So, while May has been busy, we've been busy taking pictures. There are a ton so I'm posting some. We all know I hate how blogger posts pics so the ones you see up top are the ones from this month.

Me & Holly!

Pioneer Baby Abby

Gracie Mae!

Elder Jolley & Elder Boswell at Santa Fe where we took them to dinner. (Took this with my phone while laughing so it's pretty blurry.)


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